brucine, your more then welcome to come back anytime

Whether any rules were broken or not, your still very much welcome here. I(jay2007tech) have had posts deleted, moved, edited on quite a few different occasions. I never took it personally nor did I even care what the reason was(I just didn’t care) because it’s the interent. It’s easy to ignore things.

As a Mod and as a person, I would really like to see you back here. :slight_smile:
You can PM me anytime. depending on the problem I can either correct something that’s wrong or fight on your behalf

**A reminder for everyone, this is the internet. never take anything personal. There just words. Words can’t hurt you, but it can annoy you. If you don’t like something, share your point of view or easiest solution of all, just ignore it. Don’t let anyone get to you (It’s not like someone from one side of the computer goes to another member and sticks his hands out of the monitor and strangles you)

Brucine, you’re welcome back anytime :slight_smile:

Like he said. ;D

Man I have got to start paying better attention…

I hate to see anyone leave the forum, except troublemakers, which Brucine never was that I ever saw.

To jay2007tech. Very well said with your OP and I do hope Brucine reconsiders. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and disagreements will always be with us.
To Brucine. On behalf of the general members please reconsider your leaving the forum. You are already sadly missed. Out of the 117983 forum members I am sure you would be surprised how many would be happy to see the problem resolved and for your return to the Forum. Your choice is respected, but please give it some more thought. Life is short. Kind regards and all the very best to you, whether you consider returning or not. Thanks.