Browswe Printing while Sandboxed

I’m running my browser (Palemoon 32bit) as a permanently sandboxed program. However, I am not able to print. I get a message that the print spooling service is not running. If I remove tyhe browser from sandbox, I can print fine. I’m sure this is just a configuration issue, but I am at a loss on how to solve it. Can someone offer some guidance? Thanks.

I could think of a way around this but that would decrease the security level of CIS.

Best thing to do is to run the browser unsandboxed when you want to print.

Have a stab at it then . I run opera permanently sandboxed with cis it’s a pain when I want to print but the only alternative I can find is sandboxie. Maybe cis 6 will solve this problem?

A lot about CIS v6 is still unknown. I have no idea…