Browsing Home network very slow

Hi all
I have just installed Comodo on to an XP 32bit SP2 system to replace the XP firewall which I switched off before the Comodo installation. I’m also running Kasperski antivirus 7 and Spybot S&D 1.5.2

After a restart, I am now finding that browsing folders on my home network (using a Gbit LAN setup, all machines running same OS) is very very slow taking anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds to access a folder and sometimes even longer to backtrack with the “back” or “up” buttons in windows explorer. Creating and deleting folders across the network takes ages too.

Also: I tried to copy an 80KB zip file locally to a network drive and got a message I’ve never seen before:

“The destination does not support long file names. Please enter a name for this file”
Original path…
To folder…
New name…

The destination path is not very long thoughs:
F:_SOFTWARE\Graphics_3D modeling\scripts

I instead tried copying it to
F:_SOFTWARE\Graphics_3D modeling
Which worked but took about 1 minute. I then went to the other computer that has this drive locally and moved the zip file into the scripts folder I originally wanted it in, it had no complaints.

Many thanks for your help

Where did you download 318 from? Version 320 fixed your issue about being slow and now version 329 is out. Download and install 329.

I downloaded version 318 a week or 2 ago from the official Comodo site. I assumed it was still the latest version!

I’ve installed the latest 329 version and all the network lag problems have gone. :BNC

Many thanks for you help Vettetech

Your welcome. (CLY)