Browsers not shown in Widget

I am running XP Professional SP3 and Comodo v6.3.302093.276 Database 17342
I have the Show Browsers Pane ticked in the notification area menu and the pane is present in the Widget but it is empty.
I am using Firefox v 25.0.1 and I also have IE 8 installed. How can I make them appear in the Widget?
I would be grateful for anyones advice.


No replies yet!
I don’t believe that I am the only one who has seen this problem!
Thanks in anticipation.



Still no replies?
Perhaps I did not explain the problem very well.
In the widget, the Browsers pane is blank, ie empty.
How can I get my browsers to appear in this pane?


I’m not sure what is wrong. At least some should show up there automatically.

My only thought is that something is wrong with the installation. Reinstalling by following the advice I give here:

may be able to fix this.

Let me know how that goes.