browsers (FF & IE) do not end the process on close

Os = XP SP3 with all updates current.
Browsers IE 7 & FF 3.5
memory 2 gigabytes
Disk size 160 gig only using about 20% of capacity.
Disk fragmentation about zero (using Diskeeper).

I installed comodo v 3.10.102194.530 update and when now I run either of these browsers the browser process will not remove itself from memory. If I run the browser again I add another process. Also each browser uses almost all the resources on my computer.
To fix this, I have to open Task Manager and end each process manually.
This only started happening after I installed the referenced update.

I have restored my disk to a good version (Acronis image) thereby uninstalling the Comodo update and everything works fine. The only variable is introduced with the update and it always causes the same problem

Exact same situation here.

After Comodo update all browsers stay at 100% CPU.

There is an incompatibility with SafeSurf. Please uninstall it as it is no longer necessary.