Browsers and Other Programs Losing Connection

Hello everyone, I’m having a problem that I can say can only be due to some flaw in Comodo, also I saw someone else mention it, but didn’t see a thread.

Basically the problem is certain programs will lose their connection to the internet. I’ll be surfing on firefox or opera and all of a sudden no sites work. Also my messengers, as well as World Of Warcraft have weird behaviors. My messengers actually stay “online” however I cannot sent or receive messages. As for WoW and Ventrillo, both actually work 100% fine until I logout/close it. If I clos WoW and open it again, I cant connect, but if I dont logout it works fine, and the same goes for ventrillo, it doesnt disconnect until I tell it to, but then I can’t sign back in.

Anyone have any clues to this? I can only assume its Comodo related because I dont have any other programs that I haven’t used before. The problem corrects itself if I restart my PC, but thats all that seems to fix it.