Browser war - why do you love your browser ?

What do you love about your browser and what would you like to see in it ? I would love to see what people think about it ;D

Personally, I think Opera is great. It’s f :oast (with the turbo function is WOW :o) and I really like the speeddial.

So what about you ?


well mine is Firefox,3.0.10,and I really cant say that i love it,I am just so used to it
i cant get comfortable with anything else.
I love the add-on’s,No-Script,Ad-Blocker Plus.
I thank DownLoadThemAll is really great,and I have not seen anything come close to it in other browsers…
I wish Firefox would start a little quicker.
And also run a little lighter.
(Getting rid of my favorite theme Aeon,and going to the default ,mud ugly, theme saved a shocking amount of RAM.)
Over all, I am pretty happy with Firefox.

Why I like Google Chrome… Hmmm…

  1. Light
  2. Fast
  3. Pretty Secure And STABLE
  4. Just Disable Few Things and Walla…

I’ve tried Opera, IE6,7,8, FF 3, Safari, etc etc
I like Chrome Better Then anything…

My preferred browser is TheWorld 3 (

Fast enough
Light enough
Domain auto-completion
Mouse gestures
Integrated downloader
Integrated media capture
Mutli tab preview/navigation
Skinnable 88)

In reality, I don’t have an overly strong preference for a particular browser, but TheWorld 3 is comfortable. As long as whatever browser is secure and reliable and I can get to the data I need to get to.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well…I like the add-ons in Firefox. If Opera or IE8 had the add-ons I like, I might switch. (I like Reminderfox.)

I like Firefox 3 … (Had Opera before).

I can’t now imagine browsing without those noscript, adblockplus… Have speeddial addon now which I liked in Opera a lot. These saves a lot of bandwidth with better speed. Feel more confident of security in FF with noscript (and of course Comodo!).

For some sites I still have to go to IE, as the sites which has glitches in FF or Opera works fine in IE!

Overall I like FF as it delivers almost most of the things I expect from a browser.

Opera works straight out the box.
No need to install extensions, everything is there already. :-TU

interesting thread here guys…
very useful to see what people like etc for browser…

what innovation would you want in a browser?


I really like firefox and the only thing I would like better is something to scan all files when downloaded for viruses, they say there is anti-virus integration but there isn’t. Maybe a merger with virus total and access to their database to check the md5 against and give you a percentage that file might be malware.

I’m currently on Firefox because I like the way it can be customised in to the likes of an individual. It’s fast too - perhaps not as fast as Google Chrome, but light years faster than IE.
It’s also a safe browser and does not hog resources as much as IE does.
Moreover, it has a dedicated team of people developing it - their response to fixing bugs is second to none (which has been borne out by a recent report from Secunia if I’m not mistaken).

I’ve also tried Google Chrome and Opera 9.64. I like both of them, but although Google is blisteringly fast it gives an impression of an unfinished product. The fact that googleupdater.exe was running all the time even if Chrome itself wasn’t also wasn’t to my liking, that’s why I uninstalled it.

As far as Opera is concerned I can say that I adore it. It’s the most thought-through browser I have ever used, offering plenty of customisation opportunities. However, it’s a bit heavy on RAM usage and, as far as I know, doesn’t have as many add-ons as Firefox has which rendered it my second browser.

Last but not least, it’s very hard to kick the habit of using one browser and switch to another one, especially if you consider the fact that I have been using FF for about 2 years now.This is why I stick to it!

Just my 2 cents… :wink:


downloaded Chrome about 2 weeks ago, i already loved it after 5 min :stuck_out_tongue:
it only need a few more features, and then its perfect…!

but i can easy live with the browser like it is now, still think its better then all the others. :slight_smile:
And it have 2 features i’ve really wanted, that the other browsers doesn’t have… :slight_smile:

what features does chrome need?
what other innovation should go into a browser?


So COMODO is aiming to a make a browser huh ? :slight_smile:

Just make it as fast as Chrome, with loads of add ons like Firefox, make it open tabs like Opera and make it as secure as Firefox. Also make it have time machine as standard for run in a sandbox as standard.

As mentioned I use Orca Browser primarily and Opera as my second browser, I’d like to see something in the lines of VEngine incorporated into all browsers but not only to flag secure sites for banking or other online transactions but also to flag dangerous sites such as Finjan and other site advisors do but with Green, Yellow, Red & Grey frames around the browser window to denote safety/trustworthiness factor of a given site before you click on anything contained within the site in question as comodo does now. :-TU
Just an idea
Cheers :■■■■
Xman 8)

Chrome is perfect for me, there is just a few things more i would like.

I would like to be able allow certain websites to launch popups.
Right now you have to click on the message that it have blocked a popup, and then you have to click on the popup you want to show. (I’m sure this will be added)
(pic 1 & 2)

I would also like to be able to Clear browserdata when i close the browser.
And i think an extra feature to this would be to clear the browserdata but still remember the top 1-10 most visited sites. Because i like the main page with most visited sites, and being able to only store cookies for some sites even though you clear cookies…

A way to see an overview of the opened tabs, something like this add-on for firefox

And being able to undo closed tabs fast, instead of having to go to the history page first, something like this add-on for firefox. (pic 3)

Also i don’t like i have to right click on the back and forward button, to see the list of pages i have been on, its much better just to click on 1 button, and see a full list… (pic 4)

And a way to block adds on pages, like Adblock Plus for firefox. (Adblock Plus – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

And the ability for add-ons, so you can customize the browser after your needs, but if these things i just wrote got added, it could not be better for me :stuck_out_tongue:

None of those are really needed, and i still think Google Chrome is awesome without. :slight_smile:
(and there will probably be made some add-ons doing these things if they don’t get added)

Maybe they should rather leave it as it is now, and then instead make add-ons for the browser, so people only have the things they want, instead of making a lot of features, that only some people use.

of course it should also be a very safe browser, and i would also like the ability to easy check the ip of the site i am visiting from the browser.

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I think a new browser should be able to allow the plugins currently out there (i.e. IE7Pro, Flash, Shockwave, etc.)

I prefer Firefox, since it respect users privacy (something Chrome don’t)… :-*
Also Firefox if quick, and probably the most customizable of all the browsers out there thanks to its extensions. :-TU

Firefox also has a lot of cool themes, something I have hard finding in the other browsers. Firefox tries to follow webstandards as well, something that IE has been slow with doing.

Firefox patches security flaws fast…

Firefox is a sexy name… =)

something Chrome don’t

Oh boo hoo lol…
so what that if you type something in the URL it might be sent to google… this is how they improve their products… and search results…

if firefox had their own search engine i’m pretty sure that they would be doing the same thing if not similar.

Google is fast, its light, it has independent tabs…
You can simply turn that feature off,

Google Chrome is going to be much better trust me :slight_smile:

(Just got done testing a Dev’ Version of Chrome)


What’s new in that version? :slight_smile: