Browser updates

Why is CD always behind on updates unlike Google Chrome? Would it be possible to at least attempt to update CD shortly after GC?

Chrome and Dragon are on the same versions. Do you have something that suggests otherwise?

Well when Google Chrome updates, it takes Comodo 2 or 3 days to catch up

Hi Rman87,
Vulnerabilities can differ between Chrome and Dragon and a lot of updates are only functionality updates.

Sorry but I was a little shocked to see anyone concerned over a couple of days difference. :o

Google would also have a lot more resources available, so IMO I say we need to give credit to Comodo for keeping up as well as they do.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shock you, but I was just wodering. I have a browser checker that checks everything including whether or not I have the lastest browser version and the checker reads dragon in terms of Chrome and it always tells me to update Chrome even though I use Comodo dragon. Didn’t mean to shock anybody. I do give Comodo credit for what they do.

No problems Rman87, I understand the concerns in your situation.
Thanks for the reply and apologies if I came across a little harsh, that wasn’t my intention. :slight_smile: