Browser Trust

Ive just began using CIS and the first time I tried to download a file using Mozilla Firefox I was asked how to label Firefox because it was trying to create a new file. I chose to mark the program as Trusted but being that it is a Web Browser and I trust Firefox itself just not the web obviously are there better settings then just “Trusted” for web browsers? :-\

I don’t want CIS to turn a blind eye to Firefox completely I just don’t want to be prompted every time I download a file.

Please help…

Hi INFO,welcome to the forums,

If this was a Defence+ alert and you chose “Trusted Application” with “remember my answer” ticked you can change it back to a Custom policy

Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Look down the list until you see the entry for Firefox and then highlight it/Then click on “Edit”/In the new window(Application system activity control) check the box"use a custom policy" and then APPLY to close all windows.Alternatively you can remove the entry for Firefox and then you will be able to answer the alerts as you wish.


ps When you have Firefox set to “Custom” in the “Application system activity control” window click on “access rights” and then on “Modify” next to Protected Files/Folders and make sure there are no entries,this way you should get an alert when a new folder is about to be created.