Browser speed and computer performance test.

I thought I would share this online performance tool that I just stumbled across.
Good to compare different browsers within a system, or to compare the same browsers across different systems.
Hope you find it useful.

See screenshots for my comparisons between Dragon V31.1 and Internet Explorer V11.

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i never use IE but here are all three browser i have on my PC.
Primary browser is CD, and FF has some my custom about:config setup.

edit: i found this page to be inconsistent with the results so it’s test and scores are questionable, and shouldn’t be taken with caution.
Just tried to open-close tab, or refresh page (ctrl+f5) and i get different results every time.

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Hi Mark1,
I guess the same could be said for any online tests, with connection inconsistencies, traffic and numerous other influential factors.
I found it to give relatively close averages with minimal fluctuation between each run.

Kind regards.

FF is no way near the speed of CD. From starting up, loading a page, memory it consumes etc etc…
But it gets on this test 1437 points vs CD that gets 840, on my pc that is pretty strong (Haswell i5-4570, 32GB ram, Intel 730 series SSD)

  • i’m at work right now on 200Mbit/s dark fiber so there are none connection issues.
    Hardly doubt that this site can allow my link to consume all of it’s traffic (NLB/QOS)

The absolute best connection ever, still will have inconsistencies travelling the world over. :slight_smile:

BTW: This was not a critical test of the system by any means, it is merely a test of your own personal systems for comparisons.

Im from Croatia and this test site is hosted in Germany (Wendlingen) by
Trust me connection is not an issue in this case in this case to
Test is just not trust worthy :-TU

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