Browser Settings Protection issue

I’m using CIS v8.4.0.5076 and the new browser setting protection has become a nightmare for me. I use Sandboxie with anywhere from 30-60 sandboxies which change a lot. Almost all of them have firefox installed. Every time I move a sandbox with firefox (usually 4-10 a day), HIPS (or some part of CIS) ask me to select to keep current settings or change the settings. It became so annoying to deal with, I had to uninstalled CIS to get a chunk of them moved but I can’t keep doing that every time I need to move a bunch of them. Please tell me how to disable this feature.

Under HIPS settings at the very bottom disable “Show alert in case any other software attempts to modify current settings of installed browsers”

You’re a breath of fresh air - that fixed it. Thank you, Futuretech!