Browser sandboxed freezes some seconds

Hi guys. I’m running CIS 6 (only firewall) and Emsisoft Antimalware in my laptop: nice combo!. I have a problem when i’m browsing with Chrome or CDragon sandboxed. Sometimes, the browser freezes during some seconds (6-7 s.), i don’t know why. Comodo is configured accord to Chiron’s guide. In Chrome i have only two extensions (Adblock Plus and Donot track me). Any suggestion?


Best regards

Miguel Angel

If both CIS and Emsisoft are entirely disabled does the freezing still occur?

It happens occasionally, but it is annoying. I’ll test first without sandboxing… or maybe some of this:

“check the boxes for “Filter IPv6 traffic”, “Block fragmented IP traffic”, “Do Protocol Analysis”, and “Enable anti-ARP spoofing”. Selecting these will likely not have any negative side-affects on your browsing experience. However, if you do find that you are having trouble with your internet/network connections please try unchecking these options as they are likely the culprit.” from your guide.

Right. Did you try unchecking those and see if the problem still persists?

I have Emsisoft free version installed on one of my Windows installations and it caused some delays in Windows. It turned out that some type of guard was running in Emsisoft (I would not expect that in the free version).