Browser referral info fails test

I prefer to use the opera browser, and am using the latest version of CFP. With XP. The firewall is excellant, and passes all tests at pc plank, except the browser giving out referral information. The test results say that the firewall should be able to adjust what info is given from the browser, is this adjustable from the firewall settings? or is it necesary to use a proxy server? 8)

don’t know opera that well but i’m running firefox with Refcontrol gives you all you need to control the referrers.


CFP 3 doesnt’t include any option to disable sending the HTTP referer. Also, I don’t know about Opera, but with Firefox you can disable sending the HTTP referer in about:config. Maybe it’s possible in Opera too somehow. Remember tho, that if you dsable your browser to send the HTTP referer, some sites (a very few ones), will break and not work properly.
It’s not such a big privacy risk tho, since there’s no one that manually checks all sites that their visitors have visited.


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This has been asked before about the security “risk” of referers (commonly mispelled as referrers). The only risk is just like cookies - websites can track and know what was the previous site you were visiting. Opera has a built-in option that can disable them. However, it’s simply not worth it to disable because a lot of legit sites require them and it’s not obvious to know whether a site requires them or not because there are no alerts about them. That’s why Opera by default enables htem. Read more about them on wiki: HTTP referer - Wikipedia

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BTW, filtering referrer info is usually considered to be a browser function, not a firewall function.

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