Browser Problems with Padlock

I am having a issue with the Padlock on the top left of Browser Address Bar.

For me I cannot view Page Information or view page Certificate either.

In other words its frozen, and cannot see anything. And No Bubble shows telling me page information <Updated

I’ve had this now for a good week and a bit.

And I wonder what is the Fix for this.

I do use Opera Stable and it has the issue, I tried Opera Beta, and has the issue. And the same for Chrome for a test.

However, I do not have a issue with Internet Explorer as it shows with no errors or problem and see everything.

Therefore I just wonder.

P.S. I have a few scans with software as in adwcleaner_6.045 and all other well known scanners. and they come up clean.

Can anyone help please



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Hi Nige_39,
I suspect your browsers have updated to version 56 (Chromium) or above.
See the external links below for information.

Option to view SSL certificate details removed?-Google Help Forums

Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks,
I will take a look into this, and my Chromium version is Chrome/58.0.3029.41 since I’m on Opera beta at this moment.

But get this, I checked my laptop and it only has Opera Stable and it has no issues with this at all on Main machine,
Nevertheless, I will take a look at your URL

Thanks again

Kind regards.

It works well, Using that Method to view Certificate and Security Overview.

By Pressing CTRL + Shift + I then Choose Security from top sub menu.

Thanks again captainsticks

My only issue now, Since with Opera it’s got build in VPN, I cannot change Location, but O well, only 1 fix at a time.

Kind Regards


You can also get there by pressing F12 in most (if not all) Chromium based browsers. One key instead of three. =)

Very True Sanya IV Litvyak to what you say, and true it’s not all. I just tried F12 and it would not enter that section, but both options as there :slight_smile:



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