browser problem (cf v.

my important sw (= real-time): windows xp sp2 + all updates
avast antivirus home 4.7 (last version)
spyware terminator 1.5.0740 (all updated)

all was ok, but after updating cf : I have a big problem with all browser (ie, firefox, opera). after few minutes, some pages are open only in code or windows shows an unbelieveble question: “http open with”.
I turned off cf and all is ok. my system is 100% fit (really 8), no dailer …). whats the problem?

sorry for my english

I see no one has replied to your message here a few months ago. You’ve probably found the answer by now but in case you haven’t there’s a conflict between Avast’s Web Shield and CPF. The solution is to either Amend the AVAST rules to Skip Advanced Security Checks or alternatively, Change the installation to not include the Avast Web Shield.


Are you sure. I’ve got Avast and there seems to be no conflict.

Oh, pretty certain! ;D There are a number of posts about it. :cry:

Problem is, it doesn’t happen for everyone. That’s the big problem. If it happened to everybody, it’d be easier to solve. I think it’s supposed to be resolved in the final release of CPF v. 2.4; however, I cannot confirm that “thought.” :THNK

If you have Avast! and you’re using WebShield without any such difficulties, consider yourself amongst the few, the proud, the problem free! (:CLP) I used it for a little while and also did not have any problems like that.