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New CIS user :slight_smile:

Hello guys, iā€™m new here and i need some help. I checked my computer on PC Flank web site and made quick test. Only mu browser cant pass test, so how can i set my firewall with out install other aplication like AdAdwer etc.

Will by grate if some body insert image in post with settings :slight_smile:

Sorry about my english and thenks of any help :wink:

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Welcome to the Forums, DariuszNX.

No matter what your settings in a firewall are, it will always be possible to find personal or private information going to the outside world, such as inside web cookies. The best thing to do is periodically and routinely clean your drives of any such cookies and files with a reputable cleaner, such as Comodo System Cleaner.

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Thenk you for help :slight_smile: I used COMODO system cleaner and this is very gud program :slight_smile:

btw. i must back to browser privacy topic, my friend use MozillaFirefox browser and Jetico Personal Firewall and his computer pass quick test 3/3, so whats that mean? Jetico have better firewall then COMODO? I dont belive in this :frowning:

I try useed COMODO Verification Engine but ist not compatibile with Firefox browser 3.6 ver :frowning: maybe that wud be something change.