Browser not displaying correctly

Hello Just downloaded the Comodo Dragon Version .Its great to be able to get away from the google chrome but i have found that on this site here

the email name fields are not showing yet show on google chrome. Am i missing a plugin or something? Thanks Paul

Hi and welcome mrclear,
It is the extension PrivDog interfering/blocking the email/name fields.

Please disable PrivDog temporary or add to PrivDogs exception list.

I have PMed staff with this issue and hope it is resolved in the future.


Just received PM about this problem. We will look at it tomorrow, and hope in next few days solution will be found.

Anyway, for now you can add whole domain to extension exclusion list.

Thank you oyaremchuk.

We deploy some fixes today, so please try to check it one more time.

This issue appears fixed for me.

Thank you.