browser & nasty toolbar [RESOLVED]

hi all,
i have question about toolbar.still related to this question here:

so… if somehow we’re infected by malware that install toolbar on our browser, can we just remove it by remove/uninstall our browser & re-install a new one?

Not necessarily.

uh huh

:frowning: this is not text messaging.

Maybe I can help…

No (:LGH)

By add/remove the browser you may (probably not) get rid of the toolbar but it really would all depend where the the thing that installed the toolbar dumped all its ■■■■ at. Lets say it dumped it in C/Gandasmahomie/applicationdata/mozillafirefox/gandasprofile and you just uninstalled the browser the profile for the firefox browser hangs around even after you uninstall it.

Now lets say that this thing went crazy. It installed itself into application data, program files (under firefox) and the registry. Uninstalling firefox won’t do jack sh*t if that were the case.

I mean, I’m no creator of these things and I know nothing about it I’m just taking a guess that this could happen and that uninstalling the browser might be somewhat useless in a case like that. Who knows?


oh ■■■■! :o i downloaded & installed megaupload toolbar yesterday, i don’t think it’s malware though.i removed it using revo uninstaller, but just to make sure of it, now i’m planning to remove firefox & install a fresh one.

well, wish me luck.

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I don’t think mega upload toolbar is malware, but with your luck who knows!

Google for an remover and/or run SuperAntispyware Scan.


:frowning: nah, i don’t think it’s a malware.
but i get these additional junks on my browser after uninstallation.who knows what else the addition this toolbar gave me >:(

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Well, for the Yahoo search thing, you choosed to install it.
On the download page it says Integrated Yahoo! Search and Integrated Alexa site info.
The Megaclick (powered by Yahoo!) thing is just there because the DNS can’t resolve the adress.
When installing something you’ve never used before (and especially if it looks suspicious), always read what you get together with it. It might not be stated on the download page, but in the EULA.


(:SHY) , i always skip the EULA part ;D oh and look at this screenshot, even after i uninstalled it, the toolbar is still there. >:(

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You need to run something like SuperAntispyware Free to remove it. There appear to be a number of ways to manually remove it but it’s hard to narrow it down to any specific solution on the web.


nah nevermind, i’ve uninstalled firefox & re-installed a new one. :■■■■

i’m locking this thread.



Issue Self-Resolved

Diagnostics on Root Cause: Problem Between Chair and Keyboard.