Browser message: "Adobe flash player must be installed to view . . ."

For several months now, the subject message—which, btw, in my experience is always wrong, because I ignore it and the webpage performs correctly anyway—has been appearing frequently near the top of my browser.

Why, especially with the advent of HTML5, is this message appearing now? I almost never saw it until several months ago, and now I seem to run into it daily.


It may be due to this change in Chromium 56: Chromium Blog: Chrome 56 Beta: “Not Secure” warning, Web Bluetooth, and CSS position: sticky

  • Support for Adobe Flash will no longer be advertised in navigator.plugins and navigator.mimetypes if the user has not substantially interacted with a site, though users can re-enable Flash experiences on a per-site basis.

It is not always obvious to the user what Flash is used for on a site.

Thank you for your informative reply.

I wish there were a way to prevent the message from being displayed!


Maybe if you change the setting in the site info from Blocked (default) to Blocked when you encounter the message?

Sorry to only now be replying to your last message, which I’ve just now seen for the first time. I appreciate your suggestion. I will try it the next time I encounter this “Adobe flash player must be installed to view . . .” message.