Browser look up website action loads very long


Recently I updated comodo firewall.
After installation: (all browsers - IE, firefox, chrome, safari)
Browser “LOOK UP” website action loads very long
It is a pain and I have to uninstall.

I tried to uninstall and never tick to use comodo dns in the installation.
Still the same problem.

Anyone has such issue?
Any solution?


I’m sorry that you’re experiencing longer than expected page load times.

To be able to assist you can you please directly message to me some information? First I’ll need you to open a console ([win]->[run] “cmd” [enter]) this should open a console in windows. Then type ‘ipconfig /all’ then copy and paste the results to me. While there please also run ‘tracert’

Please provide all of this information to me, securely by direct message.

Kind Regards,