browser info

i just seen new browser of comodo and download it.

i dont know wats new in comodo dragon.

it seems same like google chrome

should i use it? wats new in it?

hope some1 will clear my doubts.โ€™

thank u. :slight_smile:

Hi Mittal. I personally would choose it over Google Chrome. Check the Site out above. Overview, Features and Frequent Questions. Hope my reply helps clear some of your doubts. Kind regards to you.

i checked that page.

m using opera and it is very fast browser till i know. i installed many browsers in pc but i only use opera bcoz its fast for dial up connections.

dragon does not opens mobile wml sites

opera opens all sites.

i think dragon should also allow wml sites.

Sorry I wasnโ€™t much help. IMO your choice Opera is a great pick for dial up, although I personally found the new Opera a bit slower on xp than previous versions. You can safely have both Opera and Dragon installed together. IMO Dragon is a very secure, safe and fast for Fast internet connections. As for the sites it wonโ€™t open, I hope Iโ€™m right in saying one of the Mods may read this and pass it on to the appropriate location or people. All the best Mittal and Iโ€™m sure Dragon will improve with time. Kind regards to you.