Browser help (Firefox)

I took PCflank’s browser test with firefox(updated to the newest version) and it’s saying this…

Results of the test:

Cookies check
Danger! Your computer may save special cookies on your hard drive that have the purpose of directing advertising or finding out your habits while web surfing.

We advise you to get personal firewall and/or anti-spyware software. We recommend AdAware Plus.

If you already have a firewall or anti-spyware program adjust it to block cookies. You can also block cookies using your browser if it supports cookies blocking feature

Referrer check
Danger! While visiting web sites your browser reveals private information (called ‘referrer’) about previous sites you have visited.

We advise you to get personal firewall software. If you already have a firewall program adjust it to block the distribution of such information (referrer).

Good news: you are using Firefox. Try these extensions (no need for a firewall to do this):

If you have doubts as to how to use them, feel free to ask, i use these myself.
CookieSafe basically allows you to block all cookies except for the sites you want (you have to set it to block globaly).
RefControl, personally, i set the default to “forge”, and if a site breaks due to this (rare), i put it in the exceptions.

Hi Goose17,

About cookies, there’s no need to worry really. If you disable cookies you won’t be able to use some sites, like Comodo Forum, MSN etc. You can set Firefox to clean cookies, cache etc. when you close Firefox.
Also, SpywareBlaster prevents ad/tracking cookies.
If you wan’t to disable referrer, you can use a program called Security and Privacy Complete:

Else you can use the addons that Pedro posted links too.


Thanks guys I’m tryin the addons out then the security and privacy 3.2.0 see whats easier :slight_smile: again thanks