Browser forces monitor to run in 3D mode while no 3D content or (any) video open

So first of short system info: Core i5-3470S, AsRock z77pro3, Geforce GTX 670 (with 332.21), BenQ XL2420T, Win7x64, CD 31.1

Well, i do use Nvidia’s 3D Vision mainly for gaming and films (video player) but sometimes i come to use it while browsing. F.e. you can watch content on I am not sure if this ever worked flawless with dragon, yet i know it worked already time ago with original chrome before i resetup my system. Anyway with current CD i have following behaviors:

  • Setting in NV-CP “only when 3D-programs are executed”: Monitor switches to 3D Mode (which is a bit darker, ok videos but for general browsing), yet i can watch files in 3D online. Remark: if i start with any “dragon resp. chrome://” page monitor stays in 2D till i open any real webpage (content doesn’t matter meaning even http only, no flash, scripts etc.).
  • Setting in NV-CP “only when fullscreen-3D-programs are executed”: Monitor stays in 2D Mode, even watching 3D content, cause youtube & co don’t enter a real/standalone fullscreen mode. Only games and some video players will work at 3D.
    (see EDIT - For sure if i deactivate the nvidia plugin (chrome://plugins/) it doesn’t matter which of the above setting is active - always 2D)

First i thought it might be related to Dragon not closing but since that is fixed and behavior remains it’s obviously not. Yet there seems to be some problem as CD is also not asking anymore (did just the first time on 3D content) if the plugin is allowed to run (when it’s asked to by 3D content), it’s just active all the time. I checked plugin exclusions: One extension (Click&Clean) has set it’s own local plugin exclusion, but even after deactivation (and restart) the browser forces 3D Mode.

It can’t be i need to change some setting (either in Browser Plugins or Nvidia CP) and restart browser to have just 3D or readable 2D content working - especially as i know it worked before.

EDIT: Okay, maybe i didn’t test that enough (switch to any real site) but deactivating the plugin doesn’t help. If the setting is not fullscreen only - it still switches to 3D mode.
Isn’t that in worst case a security risk - ignoring the plugin-settings?