Browser Extensions / Add-ons

Hi All

Here’s a few questions most can answer :slight_smile:

  1. What are your favourite Comodo (Dragon/IceDragon/Chromodo) extensions/add-ons?
  2. What are your favourite non-Comodo (security related) extensions/add-ons?
  3. Which extensions/add-ons would you like to see developed for Comodo’s range of browsers?


I do not like any extension from Comodo…
I am using Firefox browser with Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, LastPass ,Stylish, Buttons Back.

I use Adblock Plus and HTTPS Everywhere in Chromium. I’m interested to see which other extensions/add-ons are popular.


Maybe you did hear about uBlock Origin. You can replace it with AdblockPlus.
uBlock Origin is amazing. It has WebRTC blocker :wink: and it blocking ads without the “plus” 88)
Take a look at it. You will like it.
and you can use chameleon for browser fingerprinting protection, it is very important these days.

Hi yigido

Thanks for the links. Yes, I have heard of Ublock before (not sure whether it was origin though). Installed it briefly then went back to Adblock Plus. Have installed it now and will give it another test. Chameleon is new to me though.


  1. Comodo’s browsers are for Windows only…
  2. HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger
  3. Comodo could include and contribute to HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger (they are open). Look at Avira.¹ ² ³ :wink:

¹ [HTTPS-Everywhere] Avira wants to contribute
² [HTTPS-Everywhere] Avira's plan to integrate HTTPs-Everywhere into the browser
³ [PrivacyBadger] Avira's secure browser...could include Privacy Badger

Its name was changed. It was originally µBlock.

Umatrix, UBlock Origin, LastPass, Greasemonkey(FF)/Violent MOnkey(Opera)/Tampermonkey(Chrome), Keefox(FF)/Chromeipass(Opera, Chrome) and Wot.

Hi JoWa

Quick question about Privacy Badger (as I see you are using it). Do you manually have to block domains or should PB do this automatically for you? For example, I was browsing a site and it displayed several domains above the “The domains below don’t appear to be tracking you” section. Shouldn’t these be blocked?


Hi Graham1. The domains probably soon will be blocked. I let Badger explain it:

From the slideshow

I love Hideninja VPN Chrome Extension - works perfectly keeping my online activity private while browsing.