Browser Extension Crash & Unrepsonsive

I am running Win8.1 (64bit) with Nortons.
I have been running Comodo for a week now and loved it.
Recently, after installing a game (Left Behind 3) the browser stopped working.
The only coincident is the game install. After the game installation and reboot I went to do some searches on the net but after opening Comodo it notified me of the following crashes:
Google Now
Hangout Services
Comodo Share Page Services
Comodo Media Downloader
Comodo Web Inspector
and Comodo Drag&Drop Service.

it further stated that all I had to do was click the balloon of each notification to reload extention. After clicking on the Balloons this never worked. I’ve restarted my machine as well as Comodo.
Now I can’t do any searches or browsing. Nor can I uninstall the program.

I’d love to get this working.
see attached file.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Could you try running the Dragon installer and choose the repair option. Does that make a difference?

I’ve tried to download the installer as well as running it from the folder I’ve kept the original download in and nothing happens. In fact If I download the file in IE it states that it (IE) has stopped working and Microsoft will notify me of a solution.
For whatever reason it seems I’m locked out from doing anything associated with Dragon. So far this is the only app that has stopped working.

Since IE is also unstable I suggest to also scan for malware. Scan with the following scanners and see if that makes a difference:
TDSS Killer
Malwarebytes Antimalware
Super Antispyware
Hitman Pro

Here are the results:
TDSS Killer - after software downloaded I change the file name to iexplorer.exe. The software found no issues
Adwcleaner - This file will not download. I keep getting errors that it can’t access the path file or I don’t have permission eventhough I’m the administrator.
Malwarebytes Antimalware - found no issues
Super Antispyware - found geekbuddy and 34 other adware files
Hitman Pro - Found no threats. Only 5 traces of tracking cookie

Going to reboot. Hope this fixes the issues

Can you donwload Adwcleaner with another browser. When letting Adwcleaner clean don’t forget the mandatory reboot. When cleaning it will kill a lot of processes including security programs. Rebooting will also start the programs again that it killed.

Hi stubbs and Eric,
I do see a common element with the following topic, which is ‘Norton’.
Win7 CD stopped working under standard user, still works under admin
While both issues differ, I wonder if both issues are related.
Also see my reply 5 of the linked topic in case user profile corruption has occurred.

Kind regards.