Browser Defender problems

Hey all,
We have been using Browser Defender for a few months now (we were using SiteAdvisor, until McAfee started to want too much personal info to update/upgrade). It has been working ok, until the last update. We started to experience browser shutdowns–the internet would work for about a minute, then the "Windows Internet Explorer has encountered a problem…"window would pop up. It affected our wireless machines first, and we thought it might be a problem with our wireless router. But, it started happening on a wired machine. Bringing up the details in the IE popup showed the Fault Module Name as BCTBDCore.dll–Browser Defender. The current version is To uninstall BD must be stopped through Services, then uninstalled. Have gone back to Web of Trust for now (never back to SiteAdvisor for us)

Hey grayhair! I uninstalled BD before i stopped it in sevices and it keeps re starting automatically. It is doing the same thing you explained to my bro’s internet.can you help?

Hello. Welcome to the Forum.
If you are looking for a site advisor to run as a browser plugin, may I suggest Finjan?
I have used it reliable for quite some time now.