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Paragraph 9: He also downloaded a free firewall program, she said. A firewall is a security system that manages the connections between computers, networks and the Internet. Generally, free firewalls are not considered as effective as those you pay for. However, Whelan says he did not download a free firewall program.

My question is, how effective is Comodo Personal Firewall Pro against Identy Thief? This article has cause for concern, as I do online banking.


Hi Kevin,

Firewalls are not really designed for protection against identity theft for that you will need a phising filter like the one built into IE 7, or Comodo V-engine.

However, firewalls should help protect against someone hacking your computer as they act as a stealth, so your computers ports cannot be seen by someone scanning the web looking for computers to hack.

CFP provides a full stealth and helps protect against a number of attacks. If CFP detects an attack or intrusion attempt it will switch to emergency mode and block the attacker completely.


Either a phishing filter, or your head. And Opera.

Although I use the opera browser for most of my browsing, I’m not brave enough to try to do my internet banking with opera as it’s not a supported browser . :’( This is one of the few things I use IE7 for.

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If Opera doesn’t work, remember that thinking is the best weapon. Type the url or use the bookmark. Don’t use links (and don’t get infected…lol)

What do you mean don’t use links?

this is more than a phishing issue…
this is a malware on the machine extracting info or even interacting with the banking site directly after user has been authenticated.

this is a growing issue…


I meant links in emails, etc. It’s a general remark, but one that should work avoiding false sites.
As for trojans, CAVS ;D
Secure validation: Comodo ;D

Am i off the hook? (:KWL)

I’d say , That if you’re lazy and stupid enough to do your banking “Online” and something happens to your account or someone steals your identity and cleans you out , then , You deserve what you get…! (:CLP)

Lesson to learn here…? , get off your couch , put the key in the ignition and drive your lazy butt to the bank…

and you should have used a piegon to send this message rather than use your PC and Internet connection!!

What good is technology if we are not enabled to use it!!!?


Exactly. What if you live in the boonies and the nearest bank was 100 miles/kilometers away or if it’s closed at the moment and you need to make some quick transactions?

So then , Don’t complain if and when it happens to you…

Because eventually something will happen…

What if you live in the boonies and the nearest bank was 100 miles/kilometers away

That isn’t a very good example…i don’t even think it’s even likely…

The point they’re making is, people bank online for specific advantages, and so do banks provide online services for specific advantages too. You can’t go around this. It part of this century.

Maybe you could read about online banking and its savings, benefits, etc.
Don’t take this the wrong way, we can’t know everything.

Why do you think we can’t improve technology?

So your argument is like… hey car manufacturers… whats the point of improving car safety!!! people will die in crashes anyway!!!

I am sorry, its a flawed argument.

“Nothing is Perfect! That means Everything can be improved”

Nothing wrong with identifying weaknesses in technology and trying to improve them!


“Too Shay” Melih: (:CLP)
IMHO I think the approach and attitude apparent in your statement speaks to the purpose of continually developing new, specific strategies in attacking and defeating fraud, identity theft and all the bad stuff easily encountered when using the Internet.
Dilegence and some basic “safe use behaviors” while Interneting is the other side of the coin!
The fact that “nothing is perfect” is because “change” is the only constant!
Keep up the great work COMODO and here’s to the victory.

I am not speaking of technology , i am speaking of people…

If a person wants to rip you off then he or she IS GOING TO rip you off , Your not living in a great and wonderfull world anymore , because of today’s rising costs of living and ever lowering income a person struggling or unwilling to earn a living instead of stealing will take every advantage they can get , Even if it means stealing your hard earned money ( electronicly or otherwise )…

These people know that other people do their banking “online” for whatever reason they so choose , And with a little knowhow and patience their efforts soon pay off… At your cost…

I’m not saying that technology can’t or shouldn’t be improved , but the thing you’ll have to keep in mind is , the more the software ( or technology ) improves as so will the knowlage and desire to crack it… Those kind of people are not going to change…

so whats the point then?
why protect yourself?
Why have a door at your house? it can be broken and hey, if someone wants to get in, they will, so why bother with a door at all? and a lock on top of it! Just leave your door open and unlocked.

of course you won’t! Just because the evil is determined doesn’t mean that good should give up! One thing for sure, we will be attacked! And one thing for sure… we will fight it all the way!!!


Now you are just being riddiculous…! Geeze… (:AGY)


I am trying to make a point here against your point of: " stop complaining when you are frauded" which is not what people should do when they are frauded!

they should complain, they should demand protection and not that they should do what you suggest which is: don’t complain and sit and don’t demand improvements or defense against what happened to them…

anyway… i think you know what i mean :wink:


If I may take a stab at this…

People use online banking, and purchases, primarily (or so it seems) because the technology is there, and it’s convenient. All the time, people make foolish decisions with this technology, too, which results in their privacy being compromise. What I’m thinking of at the moment is them falling prey to the “ebay” or similar banking scam emails… you know the ones. Just the other day I got an email from someone I know, warning of this “new” threat, that they clicked on an email link and “almost” revealed personal information. They were amazed that this could happen. Come on!

Bottom line, if you’re going to do internet commerce, you are at risk. However, let’s put that on the other foot… if you’re going to do commerce, you are at risk. Case in point, at work, we recently authorized a large wire transfer to make an investment in conjunction with another separate organization. This was done in writing, not over the internet. The bank didn’t transfer the money from out account, they took it from the other organization’s account, in our name! We got credit for the purchase, and someone else paid the tab! No internet there…

People go thru trash cans looking for receipts, bills, anything that could help steal money. People steal mail from mailboxes for the same purpose. Heck, it’s been reported a number of times that postal employees take the mail themselves, and use it for their own purposes.

The ultimate bottom line is, we live in a corrupted world, and as such, are at risk of problems. There’s no getting around it, and it ultimately has nothing to do with internet commerce; that’s just a symptom of the problem, IMO. If we are to survive relatively unscathed, we must take precautions, and be careful. Things that you might could do 20 years ago, you just can’t do today… don’t mail bills from your personal mailbox, don’t throw bills & receipts away in the trash, don’t let your kids play in the street. And when you’re on the internet, be aware of what you’re doing… the scams are all pretty obvious, and if you’re not sure, check it out first! Even if you’re careful, yes, there’s a risk. Note: none of the internet/email scams are new; they’ve all been around for many many years, circulating thru the mail; the internet just repackages them and speeds things up…

No matter how careful, you may still get snookered. If you’ve truly been careful, then I think you have a right to complain. If you’ve made yourself a victim, then be prepared to own that. Just my opinion.