Browser and menu choices in applications take long to open up

Just installed CIS 6. I uninstalled 5.10 first, rebooted, installed 6, updated definitions, rebooted. I like it for the most part except for any time I right click to get a context menu in Dragon or Firefox there’s a delay of a few seconds that was never there before, also happens when clicking the + sign on the tabs to open a new tab. Also happens when choosing to open the menu options on utorrent. Keepass also takes very long to open. None of this used to happen with 5.10. I don’t know if it’s an antivirus, firewall or Defense+ issue that is it scanning every menu option or something? Happens with some programs aswell in the taskbar, utorrent, trillian, etc. But the menu response is instant to get the options to pop when right clicking on the desktop.

In utorrent when picking options, preferences, even the utorrent window gets the (Not Responding) added, after maybe 5-10 seconds the preferences window finally pops up. What can I do to avoid this? If not I have to go back to 5.10, because it’s pretty much unbearable.

These aren’t the only programs this happens with, but just an example of a few. How do I fix this, is there a setting to turn off or on?

edit: Forgot to add it probably isn’t my system specs. 16GB RAM, i5, etc.

The fast route? unplug your network, set AV/FW/BB to disabled (HIPS also if you switched to ProActive security) and reboot.
If it’s gone then you need to set then enabled one by one until you see the issue reappear, but it might be time consuming.

I think these slowdowns will be polished away in the upcoming versions, I also notice some of them e.g. when opening a folder with a lot of .exe’s in it it takes longer before the icons of them are shown, lot longer than on v5.

I disabled HIPS under BB, and rebooted. All seemed to run fine programs were snappy, then after opening several of the programs etc. they slowed to the same crawl and delays. I also wasn’t running sandboxing. I don’t plan on disabling the firewall or AV as the program would be useless anyways. So I uninstalled and went back to 5.10, imported my old configuration and running on that now. Hope it all gets resolved by the time v6 shows up on autoupdate.