Browser Access keyboard or IME Access Browser ?

Hello Everyone!

I’ve used CPF V3 for a couple of days and I would like to extend thanks to Comodo team because you provide such a powerful security tool for computer users worldwide. I hope CPF V3 can reach a 100% perfect state in the near future!

In my opinion, I just found too many applications access keyboard. Notepad, browsers, MS Office all trigger such alerts of “access keyboard” when I use an IME to input something. (To discuss this issue, we omit the use of great learning functions you provided such as Clean PC Mode at this moment.)

I referred to some other HIPS applications. And they monitor the access of IME to notepad, browsers, MS Office… instead of prompting the access keyboard alerts for the target application. I wonder if Denfense+ monitors IME will be better. Now I just cannot find the policy for my IME in Computer Security Policies.

I hope CPF V3 can do as granularly as possible at the lowest level of OS! Thanks a million!

Hi i’m not sure if this is going to work but try it anyways :slight_smile: Go to Defense+ click on Advanced then click on /Predefined Security Policies\ then go to /Trusted Applications\ click on /edit\ /access rights\ and Keyboard is probably set to ASK so just set it to allow and apply… see if it works?