Browse internet through Local internt

Hi (:WAV)

I have a problem

Have 2 computer sharing same internt

First computer this one and I letting the secound computer connect throught it. With commodo firewall disabled, I can surf internet with the secound computer. If ENABLED “The page cannot be connected” (:AGY)

Facts about my configuration
Fist computer
Two adapters
First connecting to Internetmodem - Cable – And i letting(sharing) other computer going throu this adapter = WAN
Secound is configuerd as and its the gateway = LAN

Second Computer
One adapter NIC - and are conneccted

Vistas firwall is Disabled

In My Network Zone I’ve 2 Zone’s
First Loopback
Secound LAN -

In Nework security policy - Global rules
I’ve 3 rules
Allow All Outgoing Requests If The Target Is In [LAN]
Allow All Incoming Requests If The Sender Is In [LAN]
Block ICMP

Edit Change:
And in the Firewall logs
Application - Windows Operating System
Action - Blocked
Protocol - TCP
Source IP -

I want to continue to use Comodo FW and not go back to windows Firewall
Is there something i forgot?. :THNK

Make sure that on the 1st computer CIS is set as a ICS. Go to Firewall → Advanced → Firewall behaviour settings → Alert settings to see if ICS is enabled.

Yes both are Checked

I have a solution, but i dont know if it its good at all, but its working

How can I tweek it ? … :THNK

I went to Network Security Policy - Application Rules

Dialog pops up “Application Network Access Control”
Application Path SELECT - Running Process
In Choose a proccess window
I selected Windows Operating System - Puched Select
Then In Application Network Access Control
Use a Custom Policy
Popup " Network Control Rule "
Action - Allow
Protocol - TCP or UDP
Direction - In/out
Source adress - Any
Destionation adress - Any

I made a tweek it loock better :SMLR

I remowed the first one

I add… ed two rules

1 Allow IP In Source=Zone:LAN Destination=Any

2 Allow IP Out Source=Any Destination=Zone:LAN

And it still working

Can it be better ?..