Browse dialog is blank (no drives or objects listed to select from)

In the Firewall panel under the Network Security Policy configuration, and under either the Application or Global rules section, click on the Add button. Now click on the Select button to present the drop-down list of selections and then click on Browse. I wanted to navigate to the file for which I wanted to define a rule.

Now that you are in the “Select the application” browser dialog, click on the My Computer icon in the left panel. What do you see in the list panel to the right (the big white output field)? I see a complete blank output field. Nothing is listed. No drives, no objects, nothing. The same happens if you click on the Desktop icon on the left and then click on My Computer in the output field which then becomes blank.

This browser dialog would be completely useless (so it would be impossible to select a file) if it weren’t for the drop-down listbox at the top. By clicking on the down arrow for the “Look in” listbox, I can then see my drives and select one which will then populate the previous empty output field (unless I select My Computer in the drop-down list which results in a blank output field).

Something is wrong with your browser control. When the My Computer object is selected using the left-side icon or in the drop-down “Look in” list, the output field does not get painted (i.e., it is blank).