Broken Network Connection After Uninstall

I installed CFP and configured it quickly without incident. All was well for a little while, then I got the messages that the monitors were off. At first I restarted, then it seemed fine. It was not fine. All the monitors are off. I am unable to change any settings at all or if I am able to change, it reverts again. I decided to reinstall this firewall. After uninstalling, I was unable to reinstall. The installer kept saying that Comodo was installed even though it was not. I used registry cleaners and file searches to completely remove any trace of CFP. Upon reinstall, the same problem returned. After coming to the forums for help, only to discover there has been no resolution for this problem, I decided to stop using CFP.

That is when things really, really got messed up. I uninstalled everything, but upon reboot I had no network capability. Could not repair the connection or get any network connection. This is definitely caused by CFP because I was forced to do a system restore to get my network running agiain and so of course CFP was restored as well. I did this four different times with the same result. Uninstalling CFP breaks my network connection.