Broken Forum Button

Please join our Forums button leads to broken page if the it’s clicked inside one of the forums.

Hi marine

Do you mean the button on the forums rather than within CFP?


but this bug is not so important, check the other two i posted today

Hi marine

Yes, I saw you’re other posts.

I just wanted to make sure your topic was in the right place (which it isn’t). Comodo’s web guys will not check for it here. I’m going to move it now.

And finally a… Bump (to attract attention).

Bump (again).

I was going to bump this again… but, it seems to be fixed. Can you confirm marine?

works properly if and admin or mod clicks it.

When a logged member clicks it that button triggers an error.
When a unlogged member or unregistered person clicks it that button works fine.

It should be a template glitch.
I guess some conditional statement should be used to remove that button for plain members but I don’t know if there is some SMF SSI to handle this.

Ah… that explains it. I didn’t test it as a normal member (just mod & unregistered). But, I agree… only unregistered users should really see that button.

What about arranging a montly poll “Site issues that sucks”?
This way each member can vote for the issues they want to see fixed first…

LOL Na, a poll with that title is way too mean. All we can do is PM the Admin I guess… or have “we” already done that?

I know one : people that have more than 789 post don’t get the 1 second error anymore 88). Because I hate it !!! It’s so annoying when you add a smily in the end and then post → stupid error again :-TD :-TD :-TD


Well I sent a PM to ask the feasibility of a SMF mod update a week ago… 88)

But I guess there are few other minor glitches waiting of a fix besides this one.

Forum post preview dark background
Advanced search missing text in descriptions and buttons
Users still identifiable after logging out?? needs confirmation

BTW since I don’t send many batch PM I don’t know if the 1 second PM issue is still there.

Well errrr … probably a small buggy but when you use

Show new replies to your posts.
The forum moves a bit to the right on Opera 9.51


Hmm… OK.

Not sure about that last one, the originator seems to think he’s mistaken by the end of the topic.

Nor do I, haven’t seen it for a while myself… given Xan’s post, perhaps I’m merely typing slower these days. :slight_smile:

Xan, given the way this section is structured you should probably create 2 new topics on the issues you posted about here. This particular topic is about a broken button on the forums. Thanks.

One less then :-TU

The PM one was a variant ;D
During CFP betas I had to rearrange (merge/split) posts a lot or ask for missing infos. Usually I sent a PM to the topic creator to let him know the URL of the merged topic or I sent a PM to members who didn’t add all needed infos.

It was not uncommon to send 2-4 PMs at time. And I was plagued by that bug to such extent that I desisted.
When I got that 1 second error I was unsble to send PMs for few minutes and the time counter always specified 1 second.
It was nerve breaking to reload the PM page countles of times. :o