Broadcom bluetooth driver, wipes HDD clean..


This summer I had a bad experience when I tried fixing my Bluetooth driver, it required re-installation according to some forum guide so I grabbed the official driver for my Asus G73SW from the vendor website and tried installing it after I’ve removed the existing one, the driver I used is on this page and that’s the only version they have, after I downloaded the file I tried installing it first time and that threw some errors and the installer aborted, next try the installer opened Broadcom installer and I left it because it was taking some to finish, next thing I see my files/folders on desktop getting deleted and few minutes later my everything on the desktop was gone… I restarted and tried recovering ‘previous versions of the OS driver’ but that didnt work as it only retrieved corrupted files and empty ones, after that I googled the problem and found that many have experienced the same issue with Broadcom drivers… you can see the blog here also here, now I believe the only reason I would trust a file like this one is because its digitally signed for a known company but honestly after what it made to my data and other peoples’ data the whole company products should be flagged by comodo at least and hopefully other AV solutions out there as this is seriously not acceptable from any decent IT company. sorry for the lengthy post and thanks for reading it!