Bring back hash check and parent application check!


I don’t know if anyone have mentioned it, but it would be nice if you brought back parent application checking (for those who don’t use Defense+) and also some kind of hash check using MD5 or something.
At least you should be able to choose to enable hash check if you want. Parent application check should be automatically enabled once Defense+ is disabled, as it’s an important part of the defense. Not having any hash cehck means that malware can simply replace a trusted file and start having fun on your system.


I’ve thought about that as well. There are folks that full HIPS is probably not best suited for, but which still need some protection. There are probably some settings in D+ where you could drop it down a bit, but your suggestion would make it easier.


I even made a thread about it. :slight_smile: At least an option to use SHA-1.
I think future builds will provide that at least for CFP without D+. Egemen thinks it will make things easier to code. At least i think he said that. heh