BREACH decodes HTTPS encrypted data in 30 seconds - scary news :(

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(:AGY) hackers

I like to believe that governments already know about all these exploits and such and use them actively and when hackers publish something like this we’d probably see an update to the suite/protocol/whatever and then the governments can’t use those exploits anymore. 88) I’m allowed to fantasise, right?

Scary indeed…

SanyaIV “All fantasy should have a solid base in reality.”- Max Beerbohm

Nah, that’s sci-fi

Edit: Either way, it’s a good thing that they publish this, otherwise it might not get fixed. It’s a good thing to have people that try to exploit things and then publish those exploits, because then those exploits can be fixed. Otherwise only the really bad guys would find the exploits and would hence be able to use them for a longer time.

Ivan Ristić: Defending against the BREACH Attack

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