Brand New User!

Disgusted with McAfee’s latest FW release running 8 services, 10 files and 88MB+RAM, I uninstalled it long before my subscription is up. (:AGY) Did a thorough manual cleanup with Add/Remove, Registry & Search cleanup on keywords McAfee and MPF. Was fairly confident I got all orphans/traces.

I then began researching on your forums about program/install issues for couple of weeks. Watched/took notes on the wonderful video some member posted on how to set up your LAN rules and felt I was finally ready to “do the deed”.

I installed Comodo PFW just yesterday. All went smooth for me. No Error1608; defined my LAN IP range per the video guide; did Comodo Known Applications scan and was then GOOD TO GO! Connected right up to the internet and no problems receiving/sending/attaching to emails. No problems with onboard AV or AS scanners. WOW! I’M IMPRESSED! A lot of great protection features in Comodo. Very user friendly/intuitive GUI! Thanks for such an efficient, effective installer! I’m only intermediate with firewall knowledge and “I needed that”. (:LGH) This one really can be ready to go “right out of the box.” And FREE even! Bet those big companies really are keeping an eye on you guys. Thanks for such a great program! (:CLP)

Hey buttoni,

Firstly welcome to the forums.

Very glad to hear that it’s gone so smoothly for you. Occasionally there are a few wrinkles, as you’ve no doubt read about, but, on the whole, CPF is an out of the box dream!

There’s a lot in CPF if you want to get your hands dirty, but the real beauty is you don’t have to! Comodo have done a brilliant job of building in the smarts into the products.

If you think this is good, wait till you see what’s next!

Again, welcome to the forums.

Ewen :slight_smile: