Brain-Storm: What's the Best Way to get the word out about Comodo?

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children of All Ages!..

In a parallel topic, (Comodo needs to get agressive), I proposed that Comodo needs to get off it’s duff, and actually WORK at making itself known outside the “illuminati” such as we are.

Comodo may have the best thing to happen since the invention of fire - but if they absolutely INSIST on hiding that fact, they have nobody to blame but themselves for what happens.

Here’s the deal:

I want to start a discussion on how to get the Comodo name out there where it belongs.

I’d like to suggest a few rules-of-engagement

(1) Let’s keep the flames to a minimum.
(Recharging fire-extinguishers is expensive, and these servers don’t tolerate heat well… :slight_smile: )

(2) Let’s try to figure out reasonable ways to get this done.
(Yes, emblazoning the word “COMODO!” in zillion-foot-high letters on the face of the moon would attract attention, but that get’s just a wee bit expensive…)

(3) No idea is too looney.
Back in 1904, a lot of people thought the Wright brothers were smokin’ that wacky weed for thinkin’ they could “fly”! (“Orville… I think those paint fumes has gone to your head…”)

And when that beastie of theirs got off the ground, people were - literally - jaw-droppingly astonished.

In the short time I’ve been lurking these groups, I’ve noticed what they can do. So, let’s have at it!!


I think that someone at Comodo should speak with/contact the Editor’s at Wired Magazine.
I think that Wired Magazine could write a terrific story about the emergence of one of the most innovative security and authentication companies to come around.
I think that Wired magazine would eat up Comodo’s story.
It is worth the try.

Word of mouth is the most effective way to spread something, it is all about trust…

If everyone that uses it puts the link to the Comodo Firewall front page at the bottom of their emails, in their MSN, ICQ, AOL chat user-messages, As a sticky in Yahoo Groups etc. Also if anyone that wants to spread the work owns a website…

These are the best way for users that want to spread the word to do so.

I think you should advertise on the Security Now podcast with Leo Laporte. It seemed to work great for the people at So much so, in fact, that they signed up again with the podcast for more continued advertisement.

I know they like the Sunbelt Kerio product right now, but that may be just because they haven’t heard of you yet.

btw, I heard of you thru a link off to

Hi Guys not sure if this will relate in anyway and thought i would throw it into the mix…i worked part time for a well known company that had a section for charity and as part of a tax rite off they gave money to local charities/communities and by no way huge amounts and in return the company would put their logos and advertisements for eg a heart monitor for an ambulance their logo would go on the side of the ambulance or they would get their name in the paper …this is a global company and they only have one person dealing with the funds in this country anyway…free advertisment /papers/ magazines and greatful people…if further clarification is needed i will give further details…

I know Comodo is growing at a phenominal rate but Comodo management should consider being both a participent and be a presenter at the next gnomdex Convention in Seatle this summer.

Not only To Present the Free Software it offers but also for the Commercial Software

Lockergnome has a loyal following and many of those followers have others that follow them. Both Personal and Business! Marketing might want to contact Chris Pirillo about also being involved in the Lockergnome enewsletter. Again both for the Commercial software but also the Free software, taking the lead “Comodo Firewall Pro”

This sounds impressive!!

This link was found at

And he even has a 24/7 live stream even though he cannot be there all that time, some comments and “Interviews” do get recorded. For streaming in links.

Chris does things with a purpose, to be aware of new technology and try it out if possible, help others, and of course to make money.
This 24/7 stream has a purpose behind it. To create another online community.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this idea.


Here is another Location that you should consider, especially when the Vista release is ready

Microsoft and Windows Market Place

There are different areas, so each of the Comodo Products could be entered (:CLP)

I checked under Security and Firewalls and Zone Alarm is not even listed there yet? I would post the link but for some reason the url does not work. Go to Microsoft - Windows Market Place - Security -and then Firewall


UncleDoug, that is not a bad idea. Since I am not familiar with that particular area of potential advertising i cannot comment on the pricing. But since it is Microsoft, i gather that advertising space would come at a rather large price??

Hello Rotty (:WAV)

If there is a cost for the Free Software I am not sure, if it is lower than the commercial software.

I did notice a Free Softwre downloads area, noticed Spybot was there but did not see JavaCools Spyware Blaster. And for Firewalls I found “Did you mean Vista?” Most though were free versions hoping to move you up to a paid version.

In searching I did find one site that linked Comodo to Windows Market Place but that link was no longer valid.

Did you look at a few of the links from the post previous.
This caught my attention

A got a couple relpies from Chris on other topics I sent him and he wanted to know about a Vista version, I told him it currently was in Alpha testing.

He also asked about the anti spyware and anti virus programs and I told him they were improving every release but can’t compare the anti virus to NOD32, Kapersky, Norton, Avira, BitDefender, etc yet.

Both the FREE software and the Commercial software should be promoted on both sites. Especially presenting the advantages of the commercial software.


Not near as capable as some out there ,still came up with an idea.Wrote Kim Komando and asked her to check out Comodo,and maybe mention on her site.Only thing I know for sure is she has a huge audience.Any of you that follow her column and listen to her show,should do the same!

                                                                                                    Roll on Comodo


Thank you for that Phil…

we really appreciate that