.bpl incorrectly infected

I use Borland/Codegear Delphi and C++ builder. Whenever I start these, or whenever Comodo does a virus scan, it picks up every .bpl file and says it’s infected “Heur.Pck.MEW”.

The bpl files are Borland package libraries, basically DLL’s, and there are lots of them. Far too many to individually ignore (which I’ve pretty much had to do), and I don’t think setting them to ignore is a proper solution. I find it hard to believe that every one, and no other file, is infected thus.

How do I resolve this? Surely I can’t be the only Borland user to run Comodo?

I have the same Problem as TuneUp Utilities 2009 apparently uses the same type of files. This is quite annoying.

‘Quite annoying’ is not the term I’d use when we’re talking 20+ files having to be ignored when Delphi starts up :open_mouth:

I tried renaming one to .dll just in case there was something about the name, but it still triggers so it’s something in the contents, I guess.

Just disable heuristics until they get their sh*t together.

You will still have AV just not the current freak show going off on every packer.


Maybe you should post that here:


Thanks for the suggestions, frogger & jeremy. I submitted a sample via CAV but checking that posting link I see someone else has already flagged bpl’s. Being new to Comodo I didn’t realise heuristics is a new thing (been there forever in AVG, which I just dumped…)

You could disable all the heuristics: On this page, find the three “Heuristics Scanning/Level” sections. Why three? Because the Real Time scanner, the manual scanner, and the scheduled scanner can all use different levels.

Or, just disable the Real Time scanning heuristics, as that will be the one which has the pop-up alerts.

Oh, jolly clever software, that.

Or it would be if it worked :slight_smile:


lol. :slight_smile: