BoxCryptor and Comodo: high CPU [M2408]


After I recovered from the bug discussed here:, I am now having a CPU issue.

Out of a sudden, my CPU is going high. Comodo’s cmdagent.exe process takes ~20%. The SYSTEM process is also struggling, and Windows Defender (although deactivated) also comes to the party. See taskmgr.png. Windows Defender settings attached also.
In ProcessMonitor, I can see ~500K events within 10 seconds of cmdagent.exe doing FSCTL_CREATE_USN_JOURNAL FileSystemControl operations on R:, which is the drive mounted by BoxCryptor. Procmon screenshot attached. Procmon log here: Dropbox - File Deleted

A dump of cmdagent.exe taken from the Task Manager can be found here: Dropbox - File Deleted

My only way out is to kill the process, but the problem occurs again when I start back the CmdAgent service. From experience with this type of bug with Comodo, I assume it will be solved (for a while) after a reboot, but that’s not possible right now.

I’m using Windows 8.1 Enterprise 6.3.9600 Build 9600. BoxCryptor version 2.34.995, settings attached. Comodo Firewall version

Let me know if additional info is needed. Thanks.

tlslord, check your PM please

Please check issue with thanks.

Please check with v12.1.0.6914 RC to see if you still have the issue.

Please check with v12.2.0.6938 using a clean install thanks.

According to Comodo they said they can not replicate the issue with CIS, please check if you still experience the issue.