Botnets and China's Isolationist policy

Someday china’s internet will be isolated by themselves.
They can use only the LAN system each other, Intranet. ;D
Bot attackings from china have been increased, now a days, World RANKING 1st.
Dirty bot maker’s free zone.
If you make crimes against the other countries at the china, you will not be convicted.
Recently, many of hosting companies are blocking the IP range of the china permanently.
My PC blocks over 200000 IPs from china by network IP blocking policy.
(if anybody wants the list, I can upload here)
You can see firewall alerts, most of them from china.

This is what we call ‘Isolationist policy’.

Melih, Do you have any plan to improve ‘blocked network zone’ in CIS?
Why can’t we import text files for IP address?

yep, it’s here :stuck_out_tongue:

bump ;D