Both "My Computer" and "Smart Scan" profiles get stuck on !

So earlier I’ve initiated a full scan by pressing the “Do It Now” button. It checked for vdb update and it said that is up-to-date (already updated some hours earlier today) and started scanning. I come back after 15 minutes and I see that the scanner is stuck on Then I wait like 5 minutes but the scan still doesn’t move on. Then I press the “Stop Scan” button but without any effect, had to reset the pc to get out of it.
Then I’ve tried using Smart Scan but the result was the same.

Need to mention that I didn’t do a full scan since like 20 days, maybe longer. I’m using the latest CIS full, win xp pro sp3, x86, 32 bit.

Last time the full scan worked, don’t know what has change, the diagnostic utility didn’t find anything wrong.
My internet is working fine.

Does anyone know something about this ?! Thx.

Solved this by uninstalling and reinstalling… that was weird, I cannot figure out why I couldn’t do a scan anymore.
I can only speculate when I say that maybe if you don’t do the full system scan when you get the notification (and stay an X number of days with the yellow exclamation sign), maybe some bug surfaces where the av scanner/default scan profiles gets stuck on scanning the network zone…
Maybe the devs or someone with more free time and a testing pc can look into this… might be serious.

This just happened to me for the second week in a row, using automatic, scheduled Scan. Version 5.9.221665.2197

Please let me know if you learn of any resolution to this. Reinstalling seems a bit radical to me.

Do any of you have any entries in the \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file that are not default?
Using e.g. Spybot ads thousands of entries to this file maybe that’s causing issues.

Does a manual scan finish as it should? As there might be different settings between manual and scheduled scan.