Bot Revolt

Hello! Anyone tried this security program yet? If so I would like to hear some feedback about it. Thanks.


This looks amazingly like PeerGuardian/PeerBlock.

Yeah. I gave it a go (free version). Out of all connections on my PC… It started to block Comodo ones LOL! ;D

From my experience these lists are over-broad and block loads of connections just because the IP addresses are owned by an organization… because for some reason that makes it inherently bad. I mean, a billion IP addresses… so they block a fourth of all available IPv4 addresses?
When I used peerblock I found myself constantly allowing connections for things like steam etc, in my opinion a properly configured firewall is much better… just wish they would add reverse dns lookup for the firewall alerts in CIS.

True. Good points. Bye bye Bot Revolt. 88)

Like Peerguardian/Peerblock those lists are a nuisance when using them for your surfing. That’s why Peerguardian/Peerblock has the option to allow traffic at http ports 80 and 443.

Tools like this are great when using p2p clients as far as I am concerned.