Bot prevention stand alone tool

The subject says it all.

And, no, please don’t come with the “Oh you got Defense+ for that.” That’s not it. I’m talking about a tool to detect, stop and prevent bot related activity.

What bot threat to you suggest we need a separate tool for? :o And what is a bot? :-
Not saying it is a bad idea, just that I don’t know what you refer to as bot… =)

I don’t see why COMODO would develop a separate utility when CIS fully covers it. It would be like reinventing CIS and naming it “COMODO Anti-Bot” becuase both the firewall and D+ are needed to prevent bots (and the AV to possibly detect them:

What Is a Bot (or Zombie)?

A ‘bot’ is a type of malware which allows an attacker to gain complete control over the affected computer. Computers that are infected with a ‘bot’ are generally referred to as ‘zombies’. There are literally tens of thousands of computers on the Internet which are infected with some type of ‘bot’ and don’t even realize it. Attackers are able to access lists of ‘zombie’ PC’s and activate them to help execute DoS (denial-of-service) attacks against Web sites, host phishing attack Web sites or send out thousands of spam email messages. Should anyone trace the attack back to its source, they will find an unwitting victim rather than the true attacker.

How does the bot get installed? By worms and malware that enter your PC. Preventing this? The only thing to prevent this, would be a D+ related program (so why not just use D+). DoS? CFP. Spam/phishing email? Maybe COMODO Secure Email, but IMO mainly just common sense.