Bossy E-mails

I don’t know where I need to post this request. I downloaded CIS and during installation I unchecked the box for the news letter. I get 5 e-mails a day thanking me for taking the newsletter and I go to the bottom and unsubscribe, but they keep rolling in.How do I get rid of the newsletter? Thanks

This is not a product I would download if it came out. ;D You got this in the wrong section.
Are you sure that these emails were from Comodo and not some spam attempt?

They come from the and it’s called " Comodo Insider Newsletter and Updates & Offers." If you download CIS today it does no good to uncheck the box during the install. Thanks

Subscribing for the newsletter is completely optional. You don’t have to type your e-mail address if you don’t want to.

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Not sure what is going on with 4putt. My problem is opposite, I am subscribed and haven’t received anything for months. Kind regards.
To 4putt. Sorry to mention my problem in your thread.

This is for Deadman. The question is do you want a newsletter. If the answer is no you remove the check from the box. It has nothing to do with giving your e-mail address to Comodo. For sure it should stop when you unsubscribe. I gotten 12 more this afternoon and evening. Thanks Comodo!

Me too, I’ve never gotten anything from Comodo.

I haven’t gotten a newsletter just the e-mails thanking me for signing up and wanting me to confirm. That’s why I posted here wanting a program developed that would actually unsubscribe you when you clicked on it.

I moved it to the web site issues board. I think a page to unsubscribe is needed here.


Please send an email to : from the email account you registered on the forum. This should take care of your problem. You will receive a confirmation emails about unsubscribing.

In case this does not work, the email contains an URL. Use that one.

And in case that doesn’t work either, please PM me with you email and I’ll check further on this.