Window’s defender (came with my vista home premium sp1 machine) found a trojan. Out of curiosity I looked to see if it was reported in BOClean. The BOreport.txt did come up but it was empty. I then ran a “leak test” to see if it would show up in a report. But although it did generate a BOreport.txt it was again empty.

Does anyone know why this hapepns?


Hello and welcome to the forums (:WAV) Is there anyway you can open BOClean and click “Configure BOClean” and when it’s Configuration pops up look for “Create Report when trojan is found” and make sure that has a check next to it? (CLY)

Hi alison352,

First, please tell what was detected (file name & location) by Windows Defender,
Then it could be (most likely) False Positive by WD. That you should find out when you send the report and the file itself to Windows Defender team or whatever procedure is described by Microsoft.
I know how to do it with other Software but since I don’t use WD I cannot tell you.

In any case when one security software detects something it does not mean that another will do the same for sure. Well sometimes when it is definite infection that may happen.
But all of them can (and do) produce FPs there is no other way with heuristics.
So you have to investigate every individual case of detection with every SW vendor which produce the detection - Windows Defender in this case.

My regards.

my personal opinion - Windows Defender is a complete waste of computer resources…
but it is offtopic remark - you have to find out what was detected by WD