Bootup delay on IBM ThinkPad with Fingerprint Logon [RESOLVED]

UPDATE: System is fixed and working.
I reinstalled the IBM/Lenovo security software suites and then reinstalled CFP. System is now booting up and populating the system tray within ~90 seconds. I had partitioned my hard drive about 2 weeks ago, and apparently some of the application paths for several critical startup executables got knocked out of whack. Reinstalling those programs resolved most, if not all, of the issues.

Several days ago, I migrated to CFP from Norton Anti-Virus. My T43 runs Windows XP Pro SP2, and uses an embedded security chip that works with a fingerprint reader and associated software called Client Security Solution 8.0 and Fingerprint Software 5.2.

I am now experiencing a protracted delay with Windows startup. It takes about 3-4 minutes from a successful fingerprint swipe for Windows to load, then another 5 minutes or so for the System Tray to fully populate.

The Windows Event Viewer reports errors associated with Application Layer Gateway Service (alg.exe), Roxio Upnp Server 9, and DCOM server, whose services failed to start because they did not “respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.” Another error associated with ThinkVantage Technologies (TVT) Backup Service says it failed to start because “the system cannot find the file specified.”

I uninstalled Norton AV using a special uninstall tool, cleaned the registry with jv16 PowerTools, cleaned all temporary files and manually inspected the directories and registry for any remnants of Norton AV.

I installed CFP using the Automatic configuration mode, rebooted, then ran the “Define a new trusted network” and “Scan for known applications” wizards, rebooting each time. Component Monitor remains in “Learning Mode.”

I believe that, in the early stages of bootup, CFP may be interfering with communication between the fingerprint reader and the client security software and chip. I have tried enrolling numberous DLLs and executables associated with the security software as trusted applications and components. As an aside, I installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus about 10 days ago, and I experienced no problems with it. I do not believe KAV plays a role in the slow bootup on my laptop. KAV and CFP are working very well together on my desktop system.

Is there any way to delay the startup of CFP until after Windows loads? CFP is an excellent product, and I would like to continue using it.

I am running my T43 behind a Linksys BEFSX41 Firewall Router, so it is fairly well protected in the early stages of bootup. If there is a way to modify the startup parameters of the CFP services by adding something to the command line syntax, please advise. I would prefer not to install an application startup manager just for the purpose of controlling CFP.

Sorry for the terribly long first post, but I sincerely appreciate your help. Thanks.