Booting configuration

On booting the computer, the Comodo icon appears correctly in the system tray, and the program functions OK, but in addition the program screen appears as a normal window.

This is irritating rather than serious, but I don’t like it!

I run XP MCE, and version 3.5 of V Firewall Pro…

Hi radcliffe287, welcome to the forums.

CIS’s autorun entry should have a “-h” flag, this is what tells CIS to start with the main GUI hidden. I guess the easiest thing to do is to get CIS to re-create it.

Open CIS’s main GUI, go to the Miscellaneous tab & select “Settings”. It should open a pop-up screen on the “General” tab. Uncheck the option “Automatically start the application with Windows” & hit OK. Select “Settings” again, but this time check the “Automatically start…” option & hit OK. This should have re-created the autorun entry with the correct flag.

Obviously to test this properly, you’ll need to reboot. However, to save you the trouble in doing this, I recommend that you download & install Microsoft’s free tool Autoruns. You can check to see if CIS’s autorun entry is correct without having to reboot. You’ll find CIS on Autoruns “Logon” tab & with CIS selected the “-h” flag should be visible at the bottom.

I hope that helps.