Bootable ISO/CD for Free

Ok mods, move this topic to wherever you want to, but I posted this here because I want to have a bootable CD that I can use to scan my PC.

I want a pre-made bootable ISO that I can download, like Linux LiveCD’s but with XP or Vista. (I have trouble making VistaPE on Vista, UBCD4Win on XP, etc.) They need to have security products on them, and so on.

I got Microsoft Windows XP Professional LiveCD v2b3-MiKiCuN as an iso file, 581MB in size. Never used it though.

Looking at it’s description:
…built using Reatogo x-pe…
Pre-installed applications:
OFFICE ALTERNATIVE → Ability Office - Database/Draw/Paint/Presentation/Spreadsheet/Write
ANTI-SPWARE → Ad-aware SE / Hijack This / SpybotSnD / SuperAntispyware
ANTIVIRUS → Antivir Personal / ClamWinAV / Kapersky AV6 / NOD32
CD-BURNERS → DeepBurner 1.8 / Nero Burning ROM
CPU UTILITIES → CPU-z / Crystal CPUID / Speedfan
HARDDISK UTILITIES → Autobackup 2.0 / Cobian HDD backup / DriveImage XML / WinImage 8.0 / WIPE HDD / Paragon Partition 7
INTERNET UTILITIES → Angry IP Scanner / FileZilla FTP / Flashget Downloader / Gaim Messenger / Mozilla Thunderbird / Opera Browser / U-torrent 1.5
PASSWORD UTILITIES → LCP 5 / Password Pro / Renew Password XP / RockXP 3.0 / SAMInside
PDF UTILITIES → PDF Editor / PDF Reader / PDF Utility
RECOVERY UTILITIES → CD-DVD Recovery / Damaged File Copier / Dead Disk Doctor / Disk Investigator / Get Databack for FAT/NTFS / Handy Recovery 1.0 / PCI File Recovery 4.0
ZIP UTILITIES → 7-Zip / WinRaR 3.6 / IExpress 2.0 / KGB Archiver 1.2

all antivirus and antispyware definations can be updated…

reading the line containing ‘built using Reatogo x-pe’ I check the Reatogo thing site, interesting.
What I read so far is basically brew your own XP LiveCD with probably your own registration info with a load of addons existing.
And free!

Which is somewhat what I’d prefer build your own LiveCD with extra content through addons e.g., there’s the issue of a ready to download version using what kind of (pirated r not) preconfigured xp.

Yes, I’ve just had problems with the building, slipstreaming, etc.

UBCD4Win… I have that thing also. And used it successfully, only Kaspersky didn’t work. It started but didn’t do anything. That was version 3.2.

Slipstreaming probs, if you mean xp/vista sp1-2-3 along KB fixes… I avoid that and always start having my own sp3 integrated iso around, being the one I bought slipstreamed, burnt and saved as an iso. KB fixes issues…hmm…

yes, I have a problem slipstreaming. The XP CD I have doesn’t have any SP’s on it. :-[

Slipstreaming a service pack into an original Windows… if you use an OEM version which has likely integrated software updates, that gives issues slipstreaming because they are OEM modified versions. I learnt that long ago. Which can be very annoying. I have a Dell laptop… easy to find a latest SP integrated Dell iso around. I had an Acer laptop, which was a pain in the neck thing: the supplied CD’s were not useable for building a new integrated CD. By the time I figured out how to access the acer image files I had built my own version.

I site which I visited alot:, alot of information on building bootable/live CD’s.

Another site which uses the Windows PE environment to make homebrew XP LiveCD’s is nu2:

Also Sherpya’s Windows PE Stuff site: ← getting outdated

Slipstreaming itself, I do that a Microsoft way, used tools in the past but since getting issues I started doing a service pack slipstream the microsoft way:

That page describes the process for XP Service Pack 2. No SP3 link found on the Microsoft site, another way of Microsoft downgrading XP…

another page which describes how to make a Live XP CD (without BartPE).