bootable cds?

earlier i created a bootable rescue cd.
i put the cd in my drive and then re-booted.
Nothing happened.Is there something i should be pressing as windows reboots please?

many thanks.

You’ll want to look in your BIOS and make sure your CD drive is first in the boot order.

Hi is that the only way to do it?
What happens if your computer will not boot at all and you cant get to the bios?
It seems to defeat the object somehow.

You must have access to the BIOS and change the order of bootable devices
(CD/USB/floppy…/ disc C/disk D…/ etc. so you can try to boot & then attempt to recover (at least your valuable data)

My regards

Yes. Assuming the CD is in fact bootable, if your hard drive starts up first, you will never be able to boot from a CD.

If you can’t boot at all, the recovery CD isn’t going to be any help… :wink:

Are you sure you know what the BIOS is? The BIOS is not an OS application and loads before and independently of the OS. You should go about booting into the BIOS by pressing a key that is indicated by setup on the screen before the the screen with the windows logo on it. This screen may also show the computer manufacturer’s logo on it. Some computers also have a shortcut to boot from a CD by pressing a key (Usually F11 or F12) and selecting boot from a CD. If you cannot load the OS, then you will need to boot into the OS install CD and repair install the OS. If you cannot boot into the BIOS, then please state in the next post.